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Number of Pages: If you do not have an exact number at this time, please enter an approximate number. For prose writing, one page is deemed to be one 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper with 1″ margins top and bottom and 1.25″ margins left and right using a 12pt font (Times New Roman recommended) with double line spacing. A full page of prose with this formatting will usually result in 250-300 words per page.

If your manuscript is simple prose and is not easily reformatted to these guidelines, divide your total word count by 300 for an approximate number of pages. In all instances, the total number of pages will be determined by 33rd Street Publishing Services after an examination of the manuscript, and an exact quote will be issued to the author before any work begins.

If your manuscript is NOT simple prose (i.e. a cookbook, a collection of poetry, or another type of book with non-standard formatting), the number of pages is determined by the formatting (i.e. 1 recipe per page or 1 poem per page). In these cases, do not divide the word count by 300 for an approximate page count. Provide an estimated number of pages based on the expected final form of the manuscript.