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Are you a first-time author trying to find your way through the complex landscape of digital self-publishing? Are you an established independent author seeking a new editor you can trust? Perhaps you are even one of the mythical few who have managed to get a print book deal, only to find that such a status is not as glamorous as you’d hoped, leaving you looking for avenues to go it alone and reap more of what you sow.

No matter what your stage in the publishing journey, welcome. 33rd Street Publishing Services is here to help. We know what it takes to bring a polished, professional book to the digital marketplace, and once it’s out there (or, more likely, before) we can help you build your marketing platform to make sure that your ideal readers can find your book and fall in love.

Independent authors have to wear many hats to be successful, but they don’t have to do it all alone. 33rd Street Publishing Services is committed to getting your latest book project off to the best start possible. Our formula for success is simple:


No author can get by without a competent and experienced editor by their side. Nor would they want to. Authors, even the most technically proficient, must always put the content of their book first, whether it be an epic tale of adventure and romance or a how-to book for computer programmers. The creative energy that it takes to write a book is beyond measure, and when it comes time to make sure your manuscript is mechanically perfect, you don’t want to rely on only your own, tired eyes. Some of us are born to be writers. Some are born editors. We’re the latter, and we’re excited to help turn your draft into a masterpiece.


Publishing has become infinitely simpler and infinitely more complex over the past decade. Anyone can publish anything that they want at any time, but to be successful, you need to make sure that your book files look and function just like the latest bestseller. We are layout junkies. We go to bed happy when we chase down a minute formatting error. Best of all, we know more than just how to publish. We know where to publish to maximize your potential audience. Should you go Amazon-exclusive, or should you sell everywhere, including directly on your own website? Should you make your book available print-on-demand? Is it ever a good idea to swing for the fences and order a large print run? We’ve got the answers to all of your burning questions, and we know the questions you aren’t asking, too.


You can’t just throw your book out there and expect it to sell. There are thousands of independent authors already doing that, hoping against hope that their unedited, poorly formatted book will take off and make them rich. We are here to tell you that it doesn’t work that way. If you want to sell copies of your book, you need to SELL copies of your book. And that process starts before your book even hits the digital shelves. You need to start building your author platform immediately, finding your niche and connecting with your audience on social media and, potentially, through a website/blog. It can be a bit overwhelming, and even the best of us end up wasting countless hours on marketing tasks that don’t get results. Before we even begin work on editing your manuscript, we’ll sit down with you, one-on-one, to discuss your marketing goals and give you advice on how to build your platform from the ground up (or improve the one you already have).


Trust us. You’re going to have questions. You’re even going to have questions about your questions. Luckily, we have the answers you need, and we’re always available to give you advice via email or (if the situation is really complicated) over the phone. Every author who works with us and brings a book to market gets unlimited support throughout the publishing process and for one full year after their book is published. We won’t rest until your questions are answered to the best of our ability.

Who is 33rd Street Publishing Services?

Dan33rd Street Publishing Services is a division of 33rd Street Digital Press, LLC, a company owned and operated solely by Daniel J. Dombrowski, an author, editor, and publisher with years of experience who has written, edited, and otherwise worked to promote dozens of independently published books and magazines. Dan is currently the managing editor of Nonlocal Science Fiction magazine and NonlocalSciFi.com.

You can read more about Dan and his specific qualifications that make him an ideal partner for your independent publishing project on the About page.

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